Apple Watch Series 8 Aluminum vs Stainless Steel – Which Model is Better?

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Last Updated on March 14, 2024 by Senior Editor

The most recent smartwatches from Apple include the Apple Watch Ultra, Watch SE 2, and Watch 8. While the Ultra is available in only titanium build, the Watch SE 2 is only available in aluminum build. Meanwhile, the Watch Series 8 which succeeds the Watch 7 is available in stainless steel and aluminum build. And in this guide, we’ll state the differences between the Apple Watch Series 8 Stainless Steel and Aluminium models to help you make a more informed decision.

Stainless steel or Aluminum – Which Model is Better?

Apple Watch Series 8 Aluminum vs Stainless Steel

In fewer words, the stainless steel model is better than the aluminum model because it’s more durable and has a more commanding appearance. The aluminum model is also very durable and it’s a more popular choice.

If you really want the cellular model and have the budget for it, the Stainless steel model is a better choice.
However, the aluminum model is cheaper, yet very durable. Moreover, it’s even cheaper when you opt for the GPS model. I have never used the stainless steel model, the aluminum model has always been my choice and so far, I have no regrets.

In summary, it’s a matter of your budget.

Apple Watch Series 8 Aluminum vs Stainless Steel Full Specifications

Product Info
Apple Watch Series 8 (45mm) (Aluminum) (Cellular) - Full Smartwatch Specifications

Apple Watch Series 8 (Aluminum) (Cellular) - Full Smartwatch Specifications

Apple Watch Series 8 (Stainless steel) (Cellular) - Full Smartwatch Specifications

Apple Watch Series 8 (Stainless steel) (Cellular) - Full Smartwatch Specifications

Price $422.49 $375.73
Device name (Aluminum), (Cellular), Apple Watch Series 8 (Cellular), (Stainless steel), Apple Watch Series 8
Device type Standalone/Fitness smartwatch Standalone/Fitness smartwatch
Gender Unisex Unisex
Release date September, 2022 September, 2022
Predecessor Apple Watch Series 7 Apple Watch Series 7
Versions Cellular + GPS, GPS Cellular + GPS
Dimension 41 x 35 x 10.7mm, 45mm x 38mm x 10.7mm 41 x 35 x 10.7mm, 45mm x 38mm x 10.7mm
Weight 32.2g, 39.1g 41mm: 42.3g, 45mm: 51.5g
Shape Rectangular Rectangular
Case material Aluminum Stainless steel
Strap material Silicone Silicone
Bezel material Aluminum, Bezeless Bezeless, Stainless steel
Strap size 22mm (41mm), 24mm 22mm (41mm), 24mm
Interchangeable strap 22 mm, 24mm, Yes 22 mm, 24mm, Yes
Screen protection Ion-X glass Sapphire glass
Water resistance IPX7, Yes, 5ATM IPX7, Yes, 5ATM
Durability test
Swim-proof Yes Yes
Color Midnight, Red, Silver, Starlight Gold, Graphite, Silver
Display size 1.69 inches (41mm), 1.92 inches 1.69 inches (41mm), 1.92 inches
Display type 1000nit, LTPO OLED 1000nit, LTPO OLED
Display resolution 396 x 484 pixels 396 x 484 pixels
Pixel density 326 ppi 326 ppi
Always on Yes Yes
Custom watch face Yes Yes
Input type 1 Physical button, Digital crown, Touchscreen 1 Physical button, Digital crown, Touchscreen
Bluetooth Bluetooth v5.3 Bluetooth v5.3
Bluetooth calling Yes Yes
NFC Yes Yes
Wi-Fi Yes Yes
Memory card slot No No
Technology GSM / HSPA / LTE GSM / HSPA / LTE
SIM type e-SIM e-SIM
SMS alert Yes Yes
Calls alert Yes Yes
Email alert Yes Yes
Event reminder Yes Yes
Third-party apps alert Yes Yes
Reply to Notifications - -
Audio mp3/mp4 mp3/mp4
Bluetooth music Yes Yes
Loudspeaker Yes Yes
Microphone Yes Yes
Camera No No
Radio No No
Blood oxygen Yes Yes
Blood Pressure No No
Calories Yes Yes
Distance Yes Yes
ECG tracking Yes Yes
Heart rate monitoring Yes Yes
Sleep tracking Yes Yes
Steps Yes Yes
Floors climbed Yes Yes
Stress Yes Yes
Fall detection Yes Yes
Menstrual cycle Yes Yes
VO2 Max Yes Yes
Swim-tracking Yes Yes
Underwater heart rate tracking Yes Yes
On-screen workout No No
Sport modes Yes Yes
Battery type Non-removable Li-ion battery Non-removable Li-ion battery
Battery capacity 282mAh (41mm), 308mAh 282mAh (41mm), 308mAh
Battery life Regular: up to 18hrs Regular: up to 18hrs
Charging type (Fast charging), Charging dock (Fast charging), Charging dock
Charging time 30min-1hr 30min-1hr
Solar charging No No
Chipset Apple S8 (64bit) Apple S8 (64bit)
CPU Dual core Dual core
Operating system WatchOS 9 WatchOS 9
Companion app Apple Watch App Apple Watch App
Compatibility iPhone 8+ with iOS 16+ iPhone 8+ with iOS 16+
Payment system Apple Pay Apple Pay
Voice command Yes, Siri Yes, Siri
Find my phone Yes Yes
Box content Apple Watch Series 8, Charger, Manual, Straps Apple Watch Series 8, Charger, Manual, Straps

Apple Watch Series 7 vs 8 – What’s New?

The Apple Watch 8 looks exactly like the Watch 7 and it comes with a few additional features which include a more powerful 256-g accelerometer that can detect when a car crashes and a temperature sensor that can monitor nightly skin temperature variation and ovulation for women. Beyond this, Watch 8 and 7 are typically the same.

WatchOS 9 is the current operating system for the recently released Apple Watches and it also supports Apple Watch 4, 5, 6, 7 and Watch SE. It brings a decent amount of interesting features which include the ability to track sleep stages, a new medication app, custom workouts, more watch faces, and a revamped compass app. You can read more on how to update your Apple Watch to WatchOS 9 and all the new features it offers.

Introducing Apple Watch 8

The Apple Watch Series 8 is a very durable and stylishly designed smartwatch. It comes in stainless steel or aluminum build paired with silicone bands that can be swapped. It spots a 1000nit bright LTPO OLED display that’s easy to read under any light condition.

The Watch 8 is available in two sizes; 41mm and 45mm and each of these sizes is available in Cellular and GPS models. The Cellular model is a standalone smartwatch that can make and receive calls without connecting to your iPhone.

Under the hood, is the S8 64-bit dual-core chip that delivers a super-fast performance plus and it has a sophisticated user interface that’s very easy to use. Navigation is via the touch-sensitive screen, digital crown, and physical button.

The Watch 8 packs a 32GB storage capacity that lets you add music to the watch. It also has a speaker, microphone and NFC chip that enables Apple Pay.

Like the Watch 7, the Watch 8 is a comprehensive health tracker that can monitor all of your daily activities. It will track your steps, sleep, stress, blood oxygen, respiratory rate during sleep, heart rate, ECG and it features loads of workout modes.

Battery life hasn’t changed as the Watch 8 can last just up to 18hrs. Though, the low-power mode can help you get a little longer battery life.

Apple Watch Series 8 Stainless vs Aluminium – The Difference

The Watch 8 is available in aluminum and stainless steel builds. The titanium build is now reserved for the more advanced Apple Watch Ultra.

  1. Availability
  2. The Watch 8 comes in stainless steel and aluminum build, however, while the aluminum build is available in cellular and GPS models, the Stainless steel build is only available in the Cellular model.

  3. The Stainless build is more durable
  4. The stainless steel model of the Watch 8 has a more durable build than the aluminum model. It spots a sapphire glass screen while the aluminum model has an ion-x screen. The sapphire glass is more durable and also highly resistant to scratches. Meanwhile, as expected the aluminum model weighs a little less than the stainless steel model.

  5. Colors
  6. The available colors also differ. While the aluminum model comes in starlight, silver, and red colors, the Stainless steel build is available in three colors; silver, graphite and gold colors.

  7. Price
  8. As a result of the stainless steel model being more durable than the aluminum model, it’s priced a little higher. You will need to spend $100 more to get the stainless steel model. The 41mm cellular model of the aluminum build retails for $499, while the 45mm retails for $529 Meanwhile, the 41mm cellular model of the stainless steel build retails for $699 while the 45mm retails for $749.

    In conclusion, the aluminum model has the same features as the stainless steel unit. However, the latter has a more durable build and only comes in the cellular model while on the other hand, the aluminum model comes in the cellular and GPS models, and it’s cheaper.