Fitbit Inspire 3 vs Charge 5 – Which is Right For You?

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The Fitbit Inspire 3 released alongside the Versa 4 and Sense 2 is the successor to the Fitbit Inspire 2. It comes with a more colorful display and can now measure blood oxygen as well as welcomes more workout modes. Meanwhile, like the Inspire 3, the Charge 5 released in 2021 succeeds Fitbit Charge 4, and it has a more colorful display and health tracking features than its predecessor. The Charge 5 and the Inspire 3 are entry-level fitness trackers for fitness enthusiasts and in this article, we’ll discuss the differences and help you decide which is better.

The Difference Between Fitbit Charge 5 and Inspire 3

In a nutshell, the difference between the Inspire 3 and Charge 5 is that the latter has a more durable build. It also has an NFC chip that enables Fitbit Pay and an inbuilt GPS that allows you to map your routes without your phone. Moreover, it features ECG tracking and an EDA sensor that enables it to monitor your stress levels. Meanwhile, the Inspire 3 has more sports modes and a longer battery life.

In other words, the Charge 5 has a better build quality and more activity-tracking features than Inspire 3. This explains why the Charge 5 retails for $150 compared to the Inspire 3 which retails for $100.

Fitbit Inspire 3 vs Charge 5 Full Specifications Compared

Product Info
Fitbit Inspire 3 Specifications

Fitbit Inspire 3 Specifications, Features and Price

Fitbit Charge 5 full specifications

Fitbit Charge 5 Specifications, Features and Price

Price $99.49 $149.95
Device name Fitbit Inspire 3 Fitbit Charge 5
Device type Fitness smartband Fitness smartband
Gender Unisex Unisex
Release date September, 2022 September, 2021
Predecessor Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitbit Charge 4
Dimension 39.32 x 18.6 x 11.75 mm 36.7 x 22.7 x 11.2 mm
Weight 17.69 g 28g
Shape Rectangular Rectangular
Case material Plastic Resin Aluminum
Strap material Silicone Silicone
Bezel material Plastic Resin Aluminum
Strap size 140 – 180mm (small), 180 -220mm (big) 140 – 180mm (small), 180 -220mm (big)
Interchangeable strap Yes Yes
Screen protection Corning Gorilla Glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Water resistance Yes, 5ATM Yes, 5ATM
Durability test
Swim-proof Yes, recommended Yes, recommended
Color Black/black band, Black/liliac band, Black/morning-glow band Black/Graphite Stainless Steel strap, Lunar White/Soft-Gold Stainless Steel strap, Steel Blue/Platinum Stainless Steel strap
Display size 1.4 inches 1.04 inches
Display type AMOLED 450nits, AMOLED
Display resolution 206 x 124 pixels 0.86″ x 0.58″px
Pixel density 171.7 PPI 326 ppi
Always on Yes Yes
Custom watch face Yes Yes
Input type Touchscreen Touchscreen
Bluetooth Bluetooth v4.0 Bluetooth v4.0
Bluetooth calling No No
GPS (connected GPS), No Yes
NFC No Yes
Wi-Fi No No
Memory card slot No No
Technology None None
SIM type None None
SMS alert Yes Yes
Calls alert Yes Yes
Email alert Yes Yes
Event reminder Yes Yes
Third-party apps alert Yes Yes
Reply to Notifications - -
Audio No No
Bluetooth music No No
Loudspeaker No No
Microphone No No
Camera No No
Radio No No
Sensor(s) Vibration motor EDA Stress sensor, Vibration motor
Blood oxygen Yes Yes
Blood Pressure - No
Calories Yes Yes
Distance Yes Yes
ECG tracking No Yes
Heart rate monitoring Yes Yes
Sleep tracking Yes Yes
Steps Yes Yes
Floors climbed - No
Stress Yes Yes
Fall detection No No
Menstrual cycle Yes Yes
VO2 Max Yes Yes
Swim-tracking Yes Yes
Underwater heart rate tracking No No
On-screen workout No No
Sport modes 40 20
Battery type non-removable Lithium-polymer non-removable Lithium-polymer
Battery capacity
Battery life Regular: 10 days Regular: 7 days+, Standby:10 days+
Charging type Charging dock Charging dock
Charging time 1-2 hours 2hrs
Solar charging No No
Chipset N/A
Operating system Fitbit OS Fitbit OS
Companion app Fitbit App Fitbit App
Compatibility Android OS 8.0+, iOS 14.0+ Android, iOS
Payment system None Fitbit Pay
Voice command No No
Find my phone Yes Yes
Box content Charger, Fitbit Inspire 3, Manual, Straps Charger, Fitbit Charge 5, Manual, Straps

Fitbit Inspire 3 vs Charge 5 Features Review


Fitbit Inspire 3 vs Charge 5

The Inspire 3 and Charge 5 both have a durable, compact, and lightweight design. You can wear any of these two all day long without feeling the need to remove it. It’s just what a smartband should be.

Both smartbands have a 5ATM rating, this represents 50 meters waterproof which means you can wear any of these to the pool.

However, while the Inspire 3 has a resin case, the Charge 5 is slightly slimmer and has a more durable aluminum case that leaves it with a more attractive appearance.


Unlike their respective predecessors, the Inspire 3 and Charge 5 ditched monochrome OLED for a more colorful and brighter AMOLED display that’s easier to read.

Although, the Inspire 3 with its longer case has a slightly bigger display size compared to the Charge 5. Some individuals might have a problem reading complications on the tiny displays. Nonetheless, the display of these two is very vivid and can easily be read even under direct sunlight.

You get the option to customize the displays, while a touch-sensitive screen serves as means of interaction on these two.

Health tracking

Apart from the difference in design quality, these two also differ in the available health-tracking features. While both smartbands can monitor your heart rate, sleep, steps, and calories, the Charge 5 is a more comprehensive fitness tracker. It has an inbuilt GPS that will allow you to map your routes during outdoor workouts without carrying your phone along. Meanwhile, the Inspire 3 requires your phone’s GPS to map routes which means you must carry your phone along.

The Charge 5 also has an ECG and EDA stress sensor. These sensors are located on both sides of the device. You can measure ECG and stress levels by placing your finger on the sides of the Charge 5.

Like I mentioned earlier, the Inspire 3 like Versa 4 and Sense 2 have more sports modes. It has 40 sports modes compared to 20 on Charge 5.


With the Charge 5 and Inspire 3, you have the ability to receive message notifications on the device and you can reply with emojis and preset replies. When you enable notifications for your favorite apps in the Fitbit app and your phone is nearby, you will get message notifications. You can modify the available preset replies from the Fitbit app.

Both smartbands also feature Do not disturb and sleep modes that allows you to mute notifications.

Being a more advanced smartband, the Charge 5 features an NFC chip that enables Fitbit Pay. This will allow you to store your card details on the device and you will be able to make non-contactless payments at supported terminals where this service is available.

Battery Life

While the Charge 5 has a stronger build and more health-tracking features, it has a shorter battery life than Inspire 3. Though, the Charge 5 with up to 7 days of battery life will let you go long from a single charge. It’s up to 10 days with Inspire 3.

Fitbit Inspire 3 or Charge 5 – Verdict

So far, you can see that the Charge 5 is clearly a more advanced health tracker. It has better build quality and features Fitbit Pay. Moreover, it features ECG and an EDA stress monitor while also having a decent battery life. It’s clearly a better smartband, but it will cost you more.

On the other hand, the Inspire 3 is a cheaper alternative but still a decent fitness tracker. It has more workout modes and a longer battery life. If you have a tight budget, the Inspire 3 is a good selection.